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What You Need to Know About Fixing a Flat Tyre

Everyone has had to make a hasty decision on the way out of a traffic jam, or even a flat tire. Most of us know how frustrating this can be. There is nothing worse than having a flat whilst driving down the road and not being able to avoid it!

flat tyre

If you have had a flat whilst traveling in Western Australia, you may need to contact Roadside Assistance Perth to make a final determination as to what needs to be done. However, there are some ways you can help yourself to fix your flat quickly.

You will need to assess if your flat tyre is due to lack of attention to detail on your part, or if it was simply a spur of the moment accident. If you can pinpoint the problem then you can usually save a lot of time and effort repairing the tyre by trying to rectify it before it comes out of the spare tyre box!

One option is to ensure that your vehicle is fitted with winter tyres. These will not wear as fast as summer tyres, and therefore you can reduce the risk of having a flat.

When it comes to a spare tyre, most of us have at least one. You should always check these before making any form of repairs or modifications to your vehicle.

It is recommended that you change your tyre every three months or so, in order to give it time to break down properly. Your tyres should have some sort of sidewall protector or other methods to protect them from the road surface. It is also best to check that your tyres are in good condition, and remove any worn off rims and tubes before performing any work.

You should also ensure that your vehicle’s tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. This ensures that they are working as efficiently as possible, without taking any pressure away from the tyre tread, which may cause problems later on.

It is advisable to keep an eye on your spare tyre as it may require a change of Tyre. If this is the case, you should always carry the spare tyre in a storage box.